Who are Campuslink?

We provide tutoring services for students who seek additional help and support during their high school education. We do this by offering intensive revision courses (known as workshops), personalised one on one tutoring (known as private tutorials) and careers advice in the form of mentoring.

We hire quality tutors, who are recent undergraduates themselves and therefore have a sound understanding of the most up to date course content, and we train and mentor our tutors to become great role models for your children.

We offer assistance in NCEA, IB and Cambridge.

How do we select our tutors?


Minimum grade required by our tutors is an A grade.


We check that our tutors are not only intelligent, but possess empathy, patience and have personality. Strong communication skills is also a must.

Police Check

Thorough background checks are performed on all tutors. NZ Police checks are performed when involving youth.

How can you help?

One way that parents can support a student's academic endeavors is by adding funds to their Campuslink account.

By removing students' financial stresses, they can dedicate more effort towards their study. It also gives peace of mind that your funds are going directly towards academic support.

Topping up a student's tutoring account is safe, secure and easy to do. Simply enter your child's topup PIN followed by their email address on the account top-up page. You will be directed to our payment provider, PayPal, where you can credit your child's account as you see fit.

If you have any further questions about topping up Campuslink accounts, you can contact the team at hello@campuslink.nz.

How do we arrange everything?

Campuslink has a secure online booking system that lets all students book tutorials, workshops and academic advice instantly on the site. We have a custom built scheduling system, that sends out text message reminders and emails to students to ensure that no one misses out on their tutorials or workshops.

For short-term academic support, Campuslink is the solution.

University level help?

We currently have TutorConnect operating at the University of Otago, assisting students predominately with their transition from High School to University offering workshops and private tutorials for core and difficult first year papers.