NCEA Live Online Workshops

CampusLink is looking to the future in providing live, online workshops with one tutor to every three students.

NCEA Workshops are broken down into multiple classes with the same tutor. Complete all of the live online classes to revise the whole course by booking into Parts 1, 2 and 3

CampusLink is using customised, state of the art digital classroom technology to bring high quality workshops to New Zealand NCEA students.
Workshops are a great way to test your knowledge in preparation for a final or mock exam. In a workshop class, an experienced tutor will cover course content, techniques for approaching exam questions and any additional tips that they know will be valuable for you to excel in the upcoming final. NCEA workshops are broken down into three two-hour classes.
The digital classroom technology we have developed allows for the tutor and all participants to be on video chat while working/writing on a communal whiteboard and engaging with the pdf workbooks provided to students.

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