What we do

We are a platform for students to seek additional help and support during their high school education. We do this by offering intensive online revision courses (workshops) with experienced tutors.

How we began

The story of Campuslink began with a worried parent

Our founder, Anne Gaze, was concerned for her son who, while thriving in 4 out of the 6 IB subjects and at a school that had no additional resources to support students, she struggled to support her son on the two subjects where he needed it the most. Eventually Anne decided to send her son to full-syllabus revision programmes off-shore. He returned, absolutely euphoric - he'd nailed the subjects! Small classes, great teaching, step-by-step revision of the entire syllabus - it wasn't rocket science!

Anne evidenced the massive confidence and grade increase when her son arrived home and was resolved that every child in New Zealand deserved the same support.

She committed to bring the course template into New Zealand for the October study period of 2011, flying in top IB examiners in from Europe, delivering out of King's College. Anne’s passion for every students right to an empowering education and to be given the tools for success, lead to the creation of the Campuslink Foundation.

Here in 2017, Campuslink provides workshops for three curriculums across the Auckland assisting thousands of High School students each year.

Anne's Belief

Beyond failure lies an abundance of strength they never dared to dream about. They cannot reach these sources of success and strength because they don’t have the tools to overcome the obstacles. We hand them the tools.

What do our students think?

Nathan was the most fantastic teacher! Broke information down really simply.
NCEA Student
This course has been the greatest help and I look forward to the October Campus.
Cambridge Student
My understanding of the syllabus has increased two-fold and it's actually really exciting!
Cambridge Student
My tutor always knew what was important for us to learn and extra tricks of the trade.
IB Student
Andrew was so very, very knowledgeable as well made the three days such fun!!
NCEA Student
Chem was great! it was really good for my confidence and I learned so much!
IB Student